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Georges St Pierre GSP vs Matt Serra 1 UFC 69 Video | TKOHUB

Georges St Pierre GSP vs Matt Serra 1 UFC 69 Video

First fight between George Saint Pierre and Matt Serra at UFC 69

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16 Responses to “Georges St Pierre GSP vs Matt Serra 1 UFC 69 Video”

  1. this was the biggest fluke ever…hes a totally different fighter now it will never happen again

    April 28th, 2011 at Reply
    • haha gsp would fuck him up now.

      April 29th, 2011 at Reply
    • this was gsp most exciting fight. l love it.

      January 18th, 2013 at Reply
    • You know why he’s a different fighter? Because Matt Serra beat the shit out of him. Now GSP won’t finish a fight. He doesn’t fight to win, he fights not to loose.

      June 1st, 2013 at Reply
  2. That wasn’t a fluke GSP made the mistake of standing with a striker and was punished for it, that isn’t ‘fluke’ that is great striking skills by matt serra.

    April 28th, 2011 at Reply
    • Do you know anything about MMA ? Matt Sera isn’t a striker he’s a BJJ expert, so of coarse you don’t want to go to the ground with him, you mong!!

      August 15th, 2012 at Reply
  3. he thought matt serra was gonna be easy to beat. thats what he get for taking any real fighter lightly

    April 28th, 2011 at Reply
    • How many users have the same screen name? You’re confusing me. Anyway Serra had a ton of experience and shouldn’t be taking lightly. Joe Rogan, Mike Goldberg, I believe lots of people who worked in the UFC thought Serra was going to lose. I thought the fight was gonna be good, but not that quick.

      Dave Z
      April 28th, 2011 at Reply
  4. DuDe matt sera has a chin and can throw, everything can change in a punch, : sera vs gsp,randy vs silvia, bigfoot vs fedor, Hendo vs fejaio. dude the list goes on

    May 15th, 2011 at Reply
  5. gsp is a wrestler and should not have stood with serra, gsp thought his reach would keep serra away, and that he could win by decision. Serra punished him for this mistake. A wrestler should not stand with a talented striker like serra.

    papa joe
    April 1st, 2012 at Reply
  6. GSP was a striker first and he is way better than Serra when it comes to striking just got careless !

    July 16th, 2012 at Reply
    • GSP is way better than Serra in every aspect of the MMA, but that’s why MMA is so incredible, one mistake and “Boom”, you’re out.

      Arthur FV
      October 19th, 2012 at Reply
  7. after this gsp turned into a wrestling bitch

    October 29th, 2012 at Reply
  8. lol

    November 8th, 2012 at Reply
  9. yo ask matt serra when he threw that punch was his intention to hit him? i bet he will say yes so rght there it doesent make it a fluke it makes a gsp error biatches

    November 8th, 2012 at Reply
  10. hahhah was fluke? he threw an over hand and caught gsp and stuck on him and hurt him 3 times lmfao how the fuck is that fluke?

    May 31st, 2013 at Reply

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